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Welcome to the Condo Check online document review order4 Easy Steps.

"Register" and Save your Login detail to return as often as you like.  

To place the order Complete Steps 1, 2, and 4, then request your Realtor email us the documents as per Step 3.

Step 1- Enter your name and contact details and the name and contact information for your Realtor and the Seller's Realtor is available. 

Step 2- Provide the Name of the Condo, the address of the unit being purchased and the   Condo Plan No. (7 digits). This info is typically available in the Feature Sheet detail or the purchase agreement.

          - The Condition Date is the date found in in clause 8.2(iv) of the Purchase Agreement.

Step 3- Go to Next - request your Realtor email the documents to Condo Check at and we will upload them into this page.  You will have access by going into the order then using the link below the "Pending" or "Completed" heading "submitted date". 

Step 4- Payment by Credit Card or EFT 

We have completed more than 25000 reviews, if we have current documents in our historical files, we provide them before notifying you to order them.  We will communicate with you via email until the order is completed.