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** to return to the document review order portal follow the link: or return via the condo check website at, or 

**Until you have completed Step 4 the file will be listed below the "Pending" label by the date you first submitted the order. 

**Once you have completed Step 4 your file will be located under the: Completed" label by the date of ordering. 

Document Review Order Instructions:

Read and save these instructions (as a pdf) to share with those you are allowing access to before proceeding!

Document Review Order Instructions:

Read and save these instructions (as a pdf) to share with those you are allowing access to before proceeding!

Step 1 - enter the buyer and the buyers and the seller’s realtor(s) contact info

Step 2 - enter condo name, address, and condo plan no. 

NOTE: Once the buyer completes Step 4 our office is notified that the file is ready to assign to a consultant. At this stage, our intake department will verify that the documents received are adequate to complete the review and advise all parties that the file is ready to complete or if more information is required.

**The Buyers contact details entered Step 1 are only visible to the buyer and the administration department of Condo Check, for privacy protection

Step 3 - Upload the condominium documents:

NOTE: for a fee of $50.00 the administration office will upload your documents.  Email them to The party sending the documents for uploading will be invoiced the $50.00 +GST fee via Square.  

  • Click on the circle with the Blue + to upload each of the documents you have obtained per each label in the portal.
  • The labels are based on the items in the AREA purchase agreement for the sale of a condominium plus the documents that were required effective January 2020 in Section 20.52 (1) (a) to (q) of the Condominium Property Regulation, (refer to the legislation tab of this website for a copy of the Regulations), and the title(s) to the unit being purchased, or the purchase agreement, the CAD (Condo Sheet) and the Condominium Plan.
  • Not all condos are alike so you may not be able to obtain all the information.  Please save a copy of any email stating that information is not available in the "other" label. 
  • Upload the completed "management company document order form" into the topic "Other" for the buyer to verify what was ordered and received.
  • Upload the Newsletter or Rules into the topic "Minutes" or "Bylaws"
  • When there are several documents for one topic, such as board minutes or condo plans, you can load these as a group or one at a time  
  • You can return to this step and load documents at anytime while the file is pending.  Once step 4 is completed you will need to email any additional documents direct to our office at  
  • The buyer or other parties to whom you provide the access info may open and save the documents from the portal while the file is pending.
  • Be sure to watch your condition date as we require time to complete the review.
  • Disclaimer: All files received by 1pm will be reviewed and verified by 4pm, Monday through Friday. You will receive an email from our intake department stating any further information requirements or confirmation that the file is complete and ready for assignment. All files completed and assigned will receive the review report by 6:00 pm the following business day, pending any further requirements based on results of the review.

Step 4 - Buyer Authorization and Payment

  • The buyer authorizes Condo Check to proceed with the review and agrees that they are satisfied that the documents required have been provided.
  • If the buyer is a returning Condo Check client, they will receive a $25.00 discount.  They will need to upload a copy of the prior completed document review at the checkout point to receive the discount. 
  • The Buyer may select a favorite reviewer at checkout (optional)
  • Payment options are by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Credit Card.

Access the portal as often as needed to complete the file at the pending stage by using the login information you will create to start the process. Access will remain available for 10 days after the review is completed.

* Provide the login information to the buyer, and to both the buyers and sellers realtors to enable access for them to upload documents.

 Buyer Condominium Document as per clause 8.2 of the AREA Condominium Purchase Agreement

In addition to the AREA Condominium Purchase Agreement please request any Rules, Newsletters, or Welcome packages that are available in the Management company order form.

We also require the MLS feature sheet and the completed Purchase Agreement or Title to the Unit(s) being purchased, the condominium plan(s) and the Condominium Sheet (CAD).

Not all condominiums are alike and therefore not all information will be available. 

**The data collected by Condo Check® will form part of the Condo Check® database and will not be disclosed or distributed without written permission. Personal information will be kept confidential.  

**The Agents are bound to the AREA Regulations regarding client privacy and are required to communicate via the client’s agent only. 

Submit what you can obtain from the property management company or contact person for a self managed condominium.  Do not move to the next Step until all documents are loaded.   

Once all 4 Steps are completed our intake department will inspect the documents you have uploaded and will be in touch, by email, to the party requesting to be contacted for the documents with a list of any further information required to complete the review.  

**You can return to the portal as often as you like to upload the additional documents before completing Step 4.

Documents to Order: Bold are the critical documents to move forward with a review.  

  • Budget of the corporation for the current year*
  • Fee Schedule 
  • Most recent Monthly Financial Statement - or an email verifying this is not available*
  • Year End Audited or Unaudited Financial Statements  
  • Reserve Fund Study
  • Reserve Fund Plan 
  • Building or site report such as a building assessment report, building envelope report, geotechnical report, technical audit or performance audit, or other Engineer Reports  
  • Post Tension Cables Reports (if applicable)
  • Most resent Annual General Meeting Minutes (Draft is acceptable*) 
  • Board of Directors Minutes for the not less then the past 12 months
  • Registered Bylaws* 
  • Consolidation of Rules - (if applicable, all rules that are not in the bylaws that are being enforced
  • Newsletters and Welcome packages (add to minutes group)
  • Management Agreement Contract or particulars of unless self-managed 
  • Insurance Certificate * Buyer also has the right to request the insurance policy 
  • Standard Insurable Unit Description (SIUD) if available {this can be found on the CAD}
  • Lease Agreement for Parking and/or Storage (obtain from the Unit Owner, if applicable)
  • Recreational Agreement (if applicable)
  • Special Resolutions that have been passed but not implemented (if applicable)
  • Easement, Covenants, and restrictions (ECR) agreement (if applicable, from Unit Title and Condominium sheet)
  • Disclosure/Information Statement -this should reflect Legal Actions, Reserve Balance, Condo Fee, Structural Deficiencies and Loan Disclosure
  • MLS feature sheet, Purchase Agreement, or both
  • Title to unit(s) being purchased* (principle unit, parking, and storage if required)
  • CAD - historical condominium sheet from land titles SPIN Site 
  • Condominium plan(s) in tiff format